Friday, 18 January 2013

Hugo 2012

Hugo has had a great year in 2012. He has travelled around with us from Camping on the Mary River at Easter to staying in an apartment at Sanctuary Cove!

Easter: Camping with Hugo was a great surprise. We kissed him goodbye on our arrival - not knowing if he would come back when we let him off the lead! When we did, he ran directly to the river and jumped in ... we were all horrified. He then seemed to manage the current by treading water against it, then at times turning to flow with it..... all the time 6 kids running down the sides of the banks yelling "HHHHUUUUUUGGGGOOOO". We weren't sure if he knew what he was doing and would ever come back. Alas he was in perfect control and got in a few hundred meters down stream, ran back up to us and jumped in to do it again... just like a kid on a tyre tube!

We take his crate everywhere with him and as long as he has it he is quite and settled. It has been a huge success. Our kids just adore him.

You will see by the pictures he gets lots of cuddles and love..... just like everyone in the family.

Saturday, 28 July 2012

My night Job...Ironing peoples wrinkles!

For those that don't already know, in addition to my recruiting business I am now running a NuSkin business - ironing peoples wrinkles and making them feel fabulous inside and out!

This opportunity came via my long time friend Julianne Davies who introduced me to the company and products.  It didn't take me long to realise the business opportunity in such a fabulous product that actually works!

Here is a link to Nicci Talbot's review of the Spa....
Nicci Talbot Review of the Galvanic Spa

Yes... Simon Cowell uses the Galvanic Spa too!

I will post my journey with the product and the business... this is just the start of things to come.....

Happy Weekend to you all...


Signed: Ginger Me

Monday, 23 July 2012

Cushions - where has all the piping gone?

It is with great despair that I write this post... I am truly horrified at the lack of style when it comes to many of the cushions out there!  

This is despite the most beautiful fabrics being available at the best prices..... where is the PIPING???  You may call it welting, or what ever you like, but piping is what finishes a cushion and pulls it a step above the rest!

Also along the same topic line are:

  • zips are a must
  • double sided pattern please, no one sided lazy cushions

Bring back piping people... you will not regret it!

Signed: Ginger Me

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Star Jasmine Update

I have had some readers ask for an update on Project "Star Jasmine".... here it is!

It grows daily and every time I walk past I have to twirl a bit of Jasmine.... luckily we didn't put the wire up too high!

(note for new readers... this was planted in late October 2011)....

Signed: Ginger Me

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Welcome 2012

Welcome back.... WOW!  I have declared the holidays look out!

Signed: Ginger Me

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Gingerbread houses.....Mmmmmm

I got some kids in to make Gingerbread houses yesterday!  They did an amazing job... I purchased the pre-baked house peices from Ikea - for about $6.50 per house... then just made Royal Icing (480gm pure icing sugar and 2 egg whites) for the cement and decorating!  Heaps of lollies were arranged (and eaten) into wells, suns, trees, pergolas, and all sorts of adornments!
Here are the fruits of our labours... ENJOY!  (note... handiwork of 2 x 7 year olds, 1 x 6 year old, 2 x 5 year olds!!!) 


It was great fun... the kids loved it... and the adults had to hold themselves back from helping too much! 


Ginger Me

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Bella Cee West End! Love it!

Hi Guys,
Go into Bella Cee at West End (beside the Coffee Club 209 Boundary Street, West End, ph (07) 3846-3055 and ask for Jan!  Jan will totally look after you for a new look for yourself and your home!


Ginger Me