Friday, 18 January 2013

Hugo 2012

Hugo has had a great year in 2012. He has travelled around with us from Camping on the Mary River at Easter to staying in an apartment at Sanctuary Cove!

Easter: Camping with Hugo was a great surprise. We kissed him goodbye on our arrival - not knowing if he would come back when we let him off the lead! When we did, he ran directly to the river and jumped in ... we were all horrified. He then seemed to manage the current by treading water against it, then at times turning to flow with it..... all the time 6 kids running down the sides of the banks yelling "HHHHUUUUUUGGGGOOOO". We weren't sure if he knew what he was doing and would ever come back. Alas he was in perfect control and got in a few hundred meters down stream, ran back up to us and jumped in to do it again... just like a kid on a tyre tube!

We take his crate everywhere with him and as long as he has it he is quite and settled. It has been a huge success. Our kids just adore him.

You will see by the pictures he gets lots of cuddles and love..... just like everyone in the family.