Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Blue and White

Here are some pics of the Blue and White love from a recent trip to Peter Baker Finch in Brissy.... they explained that they keep as much in stock as they can as it is always popular and many of the factories that have manufactured it for years in China are closing down.  Hopefully they and many other stores continue to stock it for all you blue and white addicts out there.....


(Sorry about the poor quality pics, but I only had my I-Phone 3 on me.....)


Ginger Me

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  1. Miss G

    Loving blue and white - thanks for doing the reaseach for me as I am wanting some pieces for my new lounge room! Too pretty!

    On another note - You poor thing only having an i-phone 3 (tee hee)! I am sure the apple fairy will come soon and deliver a newer version for you.

    Miss J xx


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