Thursday, 15 September 2011

Who do we support?

R U OK Day  - I like to think we could all go that extra step to say "Hi" to a neighbour, pick up the phone and call a relative or long lost friend.....

Have you tried listening to your friends and family lately?  Listening is a real skill and I think it is too easy to talk, talk talk to our people without listening and hearing them.....

Do you listen?  That is my goal of the day.... how about you?

I love this organisation, not only because Koala's are cute and cuddly, but they are important, to our tourism in Australia,flora and fauna and our environment.  They are a national treasure that should be protected......

Deborah Tabart the CEO is also an amazing woman that is to be respected for the passion and zest for which she has run this organisation for many years!

Adopt a Koala here.....  Link to Adopt a Koala page.


Ginger Me

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