Thursday, 27 October 2011

Powder room....

I have been building up the black, white and cream in my powder room... more to go, but this is the start.... I think the mirror has to go... what do you think?

Butterflies, by Gingerbabe 2011

See the Pear in corner and Cherend Plate on wall
(thanks Jessie Lauren)

Close up of the pear!
Hurricane by Bella Cee - thanks Jano!

Water Colour by Local Art Student


Ginger Me


  1. Miss G

    I agree about the mirror - I say move it to another room in the house. This calls for a shopping trip to the mirror shop in New Farm. Apologies to Mr G!

    Can't wait to get out there with you.

    Miss J xx

  2. Oh Miss J,
    You are right.. I know it it true.... will build up favours with the budget police.... maybe the kids could knock it off the wall by accident! Any tips?

  3. Paint the frame black and voila it fits the colour scheme!

  4. Oh my. I will action the black frame. Thx for great idea. I will report back!!!


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