Monday, 31 October 2011

Star Jasmine Diamonds!

I have decided to put a Star Jasmine over our neighbours garage wall.
It will eventually look like this... (image from Polyvore)

star jasmine growing on wall trellis
Preparing the wall
This wall is 11m long x 3 m tall!
My neighbour Denise and I repainted the wall together which was fantastic fun and fabulous bonding time!  It was so so lovely of her to help me!  We are blessed with fabulous neighbours!

Zenith Hanging Accessory - Screw Eye 114mm - Zinc Plated (purchased from Bunnings)
Galvanised Wire attached.

Star Jasmine planted at every ground point.

So if you come around and can't find me I will be trimming the star jasmine to make sure it stays in those diamonds!

Inspiration was found in these pictures and articles....

I think I might spend a lot of time pruning to keep the vine under control!

How have you made an ugly wall pretty??


 Ginger Me


  1. I happen to be taking on the same project and came across your site while looking for info. I wish I would have found it before I started. Your wall is going to look fabulous. Please keep us posted with pictures as it grows.

  2. I will post updates Vanessa, in fact will do a new photo tomorrow! A big tip too (I didn't believe it when I read it).... buy the smallest, youngest plants... they over take more established older ones by far and all the growth is far more beautiful....

  3. Looks amazing. New project for me I think. Do you have any updated pictures to show how it turned out? Would love to see.

  4. Does Jasmine ruin fences if you grow it on them?


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