Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Shopping Trip to Melbourne!!!

I was very lucky yesterday to fly down to Melbourne for the day to check out my sisters HUGELY AMAZING renovation and also run about doing shopping with her for last minute things....   We also continued to research her full interior design concept, which is well underway now.

She took me to many fabulous shops (a lot of which are also here in Brisbane) so I snapped away! 

I will get the posts up Shop by Shop over the next couple of days... enjoy.... 

Maison L...82 Keilor Road, Essendon, Victoria.
Ph 03 9351 0001

Cute stools

Delicate Wreath 

Lovely side tables! 

Fab Chandelier 

Carpet Samples to have rugs made up.... 

Colour on Colour Christmas Decorations

Very Missoni Looking!

I love love love this print!

Lots of shops to come... so keep checking back!If you are having trouble "following",  you can follow by email on the bar to your right and you will get updates of all posts....

There is also a button to share with friends on Facebook and Twitter if you are so inclined!  Enjoy!

(shhhhh I am already planning another attack on Melbourne to explore the more boutique stores that are not in Brisbane)


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